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Sports and Remedial Massage is not designed just for Athletes, which is why Soft Tissue Massage is a more relevant description. Today the main workforce is office based and the effect sitting at a desk has can be seen in the posture of the population.  This combined with laptop computers, smart phones and tablets are having an effect on the soft tissue and musculoskeletal complaints we see a lot of in todays society. The conception of TLS SMART is to help people feel better to aid in recovery from the aches and pains everyday life brings.

TLS Sports Massage and Remedial Therapy TLS SMART is the acronym of the business Toni wanted in order to deliver the positive message of Think SMART, Look SMART and See SMART. Toni is a soft tissue massage therapist not a sports therapist which means she works more with soft tissue manipulation for remedial purposes and less with rehabilitation and exercise. Exercise however is a key component in remedial work to promote healing, increase strength and maintain optimum Range of Movement.  

"Think SMART" is the key to top athletes achievements and this will normally include a team of coaches, physiotherapists, osteopaths, chiropractors, nutritionists, psychotherapists and sports massage therapists. Including Soft Tissue Massage into a training routine helps ensure individuals can perform at their optimum level. Level 5 Practitioners can also deliver when required remedial exercise programmes to improve soft tissue mobility, flexibility, strength and recovery.

This allows athletes to move as evolution intended, to the greatest possible degree in their chosen discipline, and therefore hold the correct position and form, whereupon if we "Look SMART" we become a more formidable opponent.  

"See SMART" delivers us the proof that the application of sports and remedial massage has given optimum movement and flexibility, good recovery, greater strength and reduction in pain with a better understanding and knowledge of the process by experiencing the immediate, short and long term health benefits.