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Price List

1st session 75 Mins (Including initial assessment)                  £59.50  

30 minute session                                                                         £27.50
1 hour session                                                                               £49.50
90 minute session                                                                         £70
2 hour session                                                                               £87

Initial assessment and 6 x 1 hr sessions                                   £260 

6 x  1 hour sessions                                                                      £250
Rock Taping                                                                                    Variable

Gift vouchers available for 1 hour, 90 min or 2 hour sessions.   

Payment via bank transfer, pingit, or cash with an invoice receipt. Payment to be made on receipt of invoice. 

We are fully mobile to allow you to relax in your own home. We do not charge additional fees for travel.

We have treatment facilities available in Gloucester Lydney, and Chepstow. Please call for information.

10% discount for armed forces, civil servants and emergency services.