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​Musculo-skeletal Disorders 

why choose us?

Often, aches and pains felt in certain areas are caused by the body compensating for problems elsewhere.  

At TLS SMART, we have been trained to take the time to understand where the root causes are and design a treatment plan to address the musculoskeletal problems, posture correction and soft tissues that are responsible for your discomfort.  

As well as the 'hands-on' treatment from our qualified therapist, you may also be given a bespoke programme of rehabilitation exercises to carry out, which compliments treatment and helps to optimise your recovery time, saving you pain and money in the long term.

TLS SMART offers a fully mobile service, delivering a range of therapies to individuals, sports organisations and businesses in an holistic approach to well-being.

Whether you require a one-off feel-good session or your sports hobbies and interests are taking a toll on your body, TLS SMART can help you to continue doing the things you love for longer!

The biggest single cause of working days lost are to Musculo-Skeletal Disorders (MSD). Results identify 30 million working days lost in 2013 [1].  

As well as her therapeutic background, Toni has a unique set of skills in Occupational Health & Safety Management.  She was head of a very busy team working in the UK and hostile environments world wide to reduce working days lost due to disease and injury, maintaining combat (working) effectiveness of our troops.

We can apply this holistic approach with hands-on therapy to help increase your workplace efficiency by treating your employees' aches and pains thus reducing time and cost lost to MSD.